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Career Bright BLOG



Student Testimonials

I learnt how to speak well and do well in contests. I got selected in my class speech contest. I am now going for the inter-school contest. Now I can speak very confidently.
-Anushka, 2007

I learned the ways to write a speech, what gestures to use during delivering a speech and learnt good tips on debates.
-Vidush, 2007

This course helped me become a better speaker.
- Shamanth, 2007

I can now speak louder in front of people, and I have stopped being shy. i learnt how to speak better.
- Aastha, 2007

I got 20/20 when I was reading aloud. I can talk with a lot of confidence and no shyness. I have improved a lot in talking in front of my class.
- Trisha, 2007

I got 60/60 when I was reading aloud. I am not afraid when I have to go on stage, I am confident and I have improved in talking with others.
- Prianka, 2007

I can now participate in speech contests, I am more confident and not afraid to speak on stage.
-Jaanvi, 2007

I fought my stage fright. I learned how to use gestures and learned how to speak well.
- Geetika, 2007

I learned how to talk properly, to be confident and I had fun in the class.
- Shravya, 2007

I am more confident now, I learned how to give good speeches.
- Harmander, 2007

Parents Testimonials

My daughter was the #1 finalist in her class at the speech contest at her school. She ended up #3 at the total 6th grade level – that is #3/110 students. Her teacher said she missed going to the district level by a thin margin. She says coaching provided by Shweta at Speakbright tremendously helped her prepare for the contest. She’s understood and applied the concept of voice modulation, vocal variety, voice projection, etc.

Mini mock debates in class has helped her widen her understanding of how to practice for a debate, and how debates are judged. She thoroughly enjoyed this session.
My daughter had fun learning how to effectively communicate. Children tend to learn more when they are in a relaxed and fun environment. Thanks for the coaching!!

- Sandhya, 2007 (Mother of 7th grade Speakbright student)

Adults Class Testimonials

I got to know more about expressive communication. I can now help my kids with their school work and how to express their feelings.
Now I know how to prepare for a speech.
- Shahnaz, 2007

Some important public speaking tips such as asserting yourself, how to respond to criticism etc. were discussed which which we ignore in everyday life. It made me realize how public speaking is indispensable to become a successful person. I have the info and rules on effective public speaking.
- Ayesha, 2007


“Take a chance! All life is a chance. The man that goes the furthest is generally the one willing to do and dare. The "sure thing" boat never gets far from the shore.”

- Dale Carnegie


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