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Public Speaking for Teens

High school students can benefit from this program by developing their presentation skills which helps them prepare for the college interviews and the work life that beckons them later on.

Good Communication skills are essential for presenting yourself in a confident light and also during your future job interviews.

If you dream of a career in media or theatre, you have to have the confidence of speaking well and speaking confident in front of a large audience.

SPEAKBRIGHT's course covers all these aspects and more!

Program Structure

(Note: In addition to those topics mentioned here, more is covered in actual classes and also according to the needs of the group and individuals. The complete course package is provided at the orientation and registration meeting.)

Grades 10 and up

Here is a list of some of the things that the course covers:

Communicating with ease - interpersonal and formal.

Fighting stage fright and speaking in front of large audience

Speech structure and preparation

Increasing vocabulary

Using words seamlessly

Controlling pauses and fillers (ahs and umhs)

Basic principles of a formal debate / Points to consider on how you are judged

Using gestures and body language - how best to use them effectively in your speech

Speaking enthusiastically and projecting your voice

The effectiveness of tone, volume, variety in voice during a speech

Special session on participating in debates

Special session on preparing for college interviews

Task - prepare 4-5 minutes speech on the assigned subject


Also for Teens, A new exciting Career Discovery Program introduced in 2008!


If your Teen is confused with which career to choose, this short intense course could be for you. Covered in this course are: Career Exploration, Career Assesment & Awareness, Career Planning & New Ideas, Career Guidance, Leadership Skills and special instruction for Young Entreprenuers.

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A new & exciting Career Discovery Program for Teens.

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