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Program Schedule - FALL 2012

Classes begin SEPTEMBER 28TH 2012
See details of the Program here.

Class Duration: 1 Hour, last class 1 and half hours PLUS one presentation session at end of the program for parents and all students

Total Classes: 10 (plus one presentation session)

Location: Close to Capitol Expy. and Aborn in Evergreen San Jose, CA

contact speakbright [at] gmail[dot] com for details on the class structure and fees


5 weeks - Basic and Intermediate Public Speaking and Communication Skills Training
- Learn how to brainstorm ideas, communicate your ideas, arrive at the topic of your speech or improve communications with friends, teachers and basics of speech delivery.
- Intermediate Speech delivery skills, speech writing classes, starting to develop a structure and working on improvements, tips on memorization and more.
5 weeks (advanced class contd)
- Polish your speaking skills, how to speak to influence, inform and persuade, the essential skills required when speaking at a contest, preparing before the speech contest, confident speaking.

If you have already attended Speakbright programs before and want to register for the Advanced classes you may do so, however first time at the Speakbright programs must attend the basic classes (required).

Timing for the FALL 2012 session are

3/4/5th grades
FRIDAYS - 6:15 PM - 7:15 PM

 (Limited seats)

Contact speakbright [at] gmail [dot] com for early bird registration

Email today to register

"Communication is a skill just like any activity that you pursue - be it swimming or dancing. Unless you are in the water you cannot learn to swim, unless you practice you cannot be a great dancer. Practice good communications skills and learn with a group - it can never be achieved solely by reading books - you have to practice and use it everyday to be a perfect communicator."


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A new & exciting Career Discovery Program for Teens.



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